A hundred years ago, Fridtjof Nansen took office for the League of Nations to oversee their first large-scale international humanitarian efforts. In his ten years as High Commissioner for Refugees, he helped save millions of lives and provided aid to countless refugees and stateless people. For this, he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. His work proved that international relief efforts are possible and laid the foundation for the work of humanitarian organisations we know today, such as the UNHCR.

To celebrate Nansen’s legacy as a humanitarian, we will traverse the Greenland ice cap on foot, following the route he took on his historic first crossing in 1888. We are raising money for the fantastic work of the UNHCR, who continue to bring relief to millions of people who were forced to flee or made stateless, just as Nansen did a hundred years ago.

Unless you choose otherwise, 50% of your contribution will go directly into the funds we’re raising for humanitarian efforts, while the remaining 50% will go towards financing expenses related to the expedition itself.

You also have the option though of donating just to us, or just to the UNHCR, and donating to support one of the team in particular if you choose – just select the options you want in the form.

Any donation is really appreciated, we really can’t do this without your support!

Lauren, Thorsten, Arjen, Thomas and Sarah